Spring discounts on ROZETKA with Visa!



Get an additional benefit for purchases on the Rozetka.com.ua website together with a Visa card from PRAVEX BANK. Choose products, pay for them with an online card and get up to 10% bonuses on the bonus account.

How does it work?

  1. Choose products on the Rozetka website.
  2. Make an order for any amount.
  3. Pay with a Visa card from PRAVEX BANK through the promotional payment method "Promotional payment with a Visa card".
  4. Get up to 10% bonuses on the bonus account.
  5. Promo periods: 01.03.21-07.03.21;  10.03.21-16.03.21; 18.03.21-23.03.21;  25.03.21-31.03.21

 * There is a limit on the maximum accrual of bonuses per unit of goods.

 ** The size of bonuses can vary in different promo periods.

 *** Check the current list of categories for which bonuses are accrued on the website Rozetka.com.ua

 **** The end date of the promotion is subject to change.

Details on the partner's website: https://rozetka.com.ua/ua/news-articlespromotions/promotions/visa/

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