Important message regarding the renaming of the Bank


Important  message.

Dear customers!

we Inform You that from March 28, 2018 Public joint stock company commercial Bank “PRAVEX-BANK” (abbreviated name - AKB “PRAVEX-BANK") renamed to

Joint stock company “PRAVEX-BANK”

(abbreviated – JSC «PRAVEX-BANK”)

Joint stock company “PRAVEX-BANK” is a legal successor of all rights and responsibilities’connections Public joint stock commercial Bank “PRAVEX-BANK”.

These changes in the name of the legal entity was registered in the Unified state register of legal entities and physical persons-entrepreneurs in accordance with the Law.

the Location, identification code of legal entity, Bank details remain unchanged.

Please note these changes when sending any documents to the JSC «PRAVEX-BANK”.

For more information and for advice please contact the Bank's branches or by calling the Contact center 0 800 500 450.



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Important notification!

Dear clients!

We would like to inform you that on 28.03.2018 “PRAVEX-BANK” Public Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank (short name – “PRAVEX-BANK” PJSCCB) was renamed to

“PRAVEX BANK”  Joint-Stock Company 

(short name –  “PRAVEX BANK" JSC)

“PRAVEX BANK” a Joint-Stock Company is a legal successor of all the rights and obligations of “PRAVEX-BANK” Public Joint-Stock Company Commercial Bank.

The amendments to the name of the legal entity were introduced to the Unified Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs in pursuance with the procedure established by the laws.

Registered office registration number of the legal entity, banking details remain the same.

We kindly request you to mind the amendments when sending any documents to “PRAVEX BANK” a Joint-Stock Company.

For more information please contact the Bank branches or call the Contact Center at 0 800 500 450.

Best regards,


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