Your comfortable stock – PRAVEX BANK saving account


On April 2, PRAVEX BANK presents a savings account – a new product for clients who use the FAMIGLIA and CAPPUCCINO service packages. A savings account is linked to the main card account, providing the opportunity to accumulate funds through PRAVEX ONLINE.

It is extremely easily to start using the product – via online transfer of funds from a card account to a savings one. On balance of funds on a savings account interests at higher rates are accrued: FAMIGLIA R & B - 9%, FAMIGLIA Doctor - 8%, FAMIGLIA IT - 8%, FAMIGLIA- 7%, CAPPUCCINO - 4%. It is possible to use the funds only after transfer to the payment card. Also, the balance of funds on a savings account is considered in the terms of Smart Pricing.

Advantages of savings account:

  • free replenishment and withdrawal without limitation of the amount
  • access to funds at any time through PRAVEX ONLINE
  • increased interest rate
  • payment of interest on a monthly basis
  • the possibility to set up deductions on a regular basis
  • there is no minimum deposit amount
  • placement period is unlimited
  • no transfer fee
  • security of savings due to limited access to a savings account

A savings account is the best choice for those who want a stable growth of their funds and convenient use of their accounts.

Detailed information:

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