PRAVEX BANK takes a leading position in Prostobank Consulting ranking


PRAVEX BANK products were included in the TOP-3 in 7 ratings conducted by Prostobank Consulting agency for the period from September 20 to 26, 2021. Ratings are updated once a week.

The bank's products won in the following nominations:

  1. Loan secured by real estate
  2. Cash loan - "European Personal Loan" product
  3. Loan for the purchase of goods and services - "European personal loan - target" product
  4. Mortgage refinancing - "FAMIGLIA 9.49 for IT professionals" product
  5. Repair on credit - "European personal credit" product took the 2nd place.
  6. Refinancing of cash loans - "European personal loan refinancing" product took the 3rd place
  7. Mortgage (secondary market) - "Mortgage loan FAMIGLIA 9.99%" product took the 3rd place

When determining the leaders among loan programs, Prostobank Consulting analysts took into account the maximum term and maximum loan amount, the real interest rate, the repayment form and the terms of early repayment.

All ratings can be found at:

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