PRAVEX BANK and UKRAVIT have agreed to increase funding


In early June, PRAVEX BANK and the UKRAVIT group companies agreed to extend cooperation and increase the credit limit by one and a half times. Also PRAVEX BANK will continue to  remain one of the main financial partners of the group.

PRAVEX BANK has begun the cooperation with the UKRAVIT of companies in 2019 with a small loan project and, subsequently, salary and card services.

In recent years, the level of cooperation in lending has increased severalfold. PRAVEX BANK continues to provide financial support to the UKRAVIT not only in the framework of current activities, but also in financing the new projects.

Francesco Lupo, Head of Corporate Division of PRAVEX BANK:

" In my lifetime, I have visited many chemical industry enterprises. But UKRAVIT is really impressive. We can see the possibility to grow foodstuff in a different way. The company is environmentally friendly, focused on a sustainable future. After all, they support their business with advanced equipment, laboratories, agronomists, chemists and technologists. They work every  day to improve the production and successfully develop the agricultural business with respect of the environment and with a customized approach ".

Vitaliy Ilchenko, founder of UKRAVIT:

Every entrepreneur needs financial support and a good financial partner in order to make a bright project. Our reliable partner for several years is PRAVEX BANK, which is part of the international banking Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Together with them we develop and create the new projects. We are grateful for the support and this cooperation. We will grow together."

UKRAVIT is the first and largest Ukrainian manufacturer of preparations for chemical protection of crops in the industrial and private sectors. The main activity of the company is its own production of modern highly effective pesticides and agrochemicals, including fertilizers with trace elements and means for the destruction of household pests.

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