PRAVEX BANK has joined the possibility of sharing digital documents from Diia


PRAVEX BANK follows government initiatives regarding digital transformations aimed at simplifying terms of clients servicing, and launches a pilot project of clients verification using digital documents from Diia application.

From now on, when servicing at the bank, clients will be able to confirm their identity by providing electronic documents. Identification through Diia is available at all branches of PRAVEX BANK provided that the client has a digital passport (ID card) or a digital international passport in Diia application.

To provide the bank with electronic documents instead of paper ones, the client should first install Diia application and log in:

  • with the help of Bank ID through PRAVEX BANK for existing clients or through another bank for new clients;
  • click on the image of the document to be shared with the bank, tell the employee of the branch digital code / barcode and confirm transfer of data in the application.

Digital documents that the bank can obtain through Diia: ID card, international passport, tax identification number.

E-documents can be used in all processes of the bank where the provision of their paper counterparts is required.

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