PRAVEX BANK has added a new payment system functions PRAVEX ONLINE.


PRAVEX BANK has added a new payment system functions PRAVEX ONLINE.



From July 23, 2020 PRAVEX BANK has expanded the functionality of the system PRAVEX ONLINE. From now on, users of Internet banking will be able to do more operations.  


was implemented the following functions:


  •         payment services for mobile communications’connection, with a minimum rate of 50 kopecks.
  •         payment services package FAMIGLIA.
  • -     automatic payments to notaries that they make to the state budget.



we Remind you that in the mobile application PRAVEX ONLINE to Bank customers are available the following operations: transfer from card to card (between their cards and the cards of other banks); the conversion between maps (and the cards in the national currency on the card in U.S. dollars/euros and inverse operations); possibility to change the settings (username, password, language applications); formation card statements/bills; view information on deposits, loans, current accounts and cards; create a loan repayment schedule; the scanning of the recipient's card transfers card-to-card; automatic insertion of the password when confirming the transactions; establish/change PIN and activate your card.


the App is free in Google Play and the App Store. PRAVEX BANK is constantly working to improve the system of PRAVEX ONLINE and its mobile applications.



to Learn more about online banking and mobile app PRAVEX ONLINE at:

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