Rename some of the branches of JSC "PRAVEX BANK"


Dear customers!

we Inform You that from 11.04.2018 implemented renaming of the following departments of JSC "PRAVEX BANK" location - unchanged:

  • Dzerzhinsky Department on Krivoy Rog branch 50027, M. Krivoy Rog, Gagarin Ave. 38.
  • Bulgarian branch of the Department of the Dnieper oblast Directorate, 49020, M. Dnieper, vul. Shevchenko, 59
  • Department "at the Sumy" for office "Constitution" 61003, Kharkov, Constitution square, 2/2
  • rusanovskaya office Dmitrovskiy branch 01154, m. Kyiv, vul.Demetrius, 37A
  • Panisch office Saksaganska office 01023, Keythin the, Shota Rustaveli street, 40/10
  • the Frunze branch of the riverfront office 61082, Kharkiv, Marshala Zhukova Ave., 5.
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