PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK" with the support of Independent Association of banks of Ukraine on the occasion of world savings day, held a financial literacy lessons in schools


Experts PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK" has conducted classes in financial literacy at several schools in Kiev. Students were taught and shown how to properly dispose of pocket money, spend and save money and plan a family budget, helping parents.

it showed what the payment card, which there are devices for recognizing banknotes, as vigilados precious metals were given a booklet designed to familiarize kids with Finance and much more.

the Disciples were in awe of such financial lessons: fun, simple, clearly!

"This format of class to the Day of savings – the most effective dialogue with the generation that is growing up, because on them depends the future of our country. We would like the kids have grown up smart and literate, able to plan own budget and knew the value of money", - said the Deputy Chairman of the Board Mr. Babayev.


Group Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the largest in the Eurozone. As of September 30, 2016 the market value is 33 billion.  euros. The group is leader in Italy in all directions of banking activities  (retail, corporate segments and financial management) and serves 11.1  million clients in 4,000 branches across Italy; the market share of the Group in  the majority of Italian regions is not less than 12 %. Intesa Sanpaolo  also present in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. In these regions there are about 1 200 branches and 12  countries where the subsidiary banks operate a Group, the number of retail and corporate  customer reaches 8.1 million

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