Updated PRAVEX ONLINE functionality


Dear Customers!

We would like to inform you that from 22.05.2020 the following has been implemented:

  1. New functionality for the mobile application of the PRAVEX ONLINE system, namely: setting / changing the PIN-code and card activating.
  2. New functionality for the PRAVEX ONLINE system, namely: formation of account and card statement in EXCEL format. It will soon be available for mobile applications.
  3. Chat bot "PRAVEX BANK" in the messenger "Telegram". Where you can: change limits, block the card, get information about branch addresses, get a link to the site with information about loans, deposits and cards.

WARNING! When you log in to the mobile application, you will receive a message about the need to install an update, the previous version will be blocked (if you have not installed the latest version of the application).

We continue to work on improving remote communication channels with you and will delight you with new opportunities.

Thank you for choosing PRAVEX BANK!

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