New best program from PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK"


You are a sailor, a specialist in the it sector or other specialist? Working in a foreign company and the contract paid in currency? Perhaps You are a representative of a foreign company, in which there are the Ukrainian experts?

PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK" has developed and offers a special program for individuals with current account "PRAVEX-RECORD  for the payment of salaries in foreign currency".

the Client opens a free "PRAVEX-RECORD  for the payment of salaries in foreign currency", and his employer-a foreign company transfers funds to the employee.

Best offer also works for companies non-resident in the state which employ hired workers, natural persons-residents of Ukraine. It is enough to enter into a contract with the Bank "To service the payment of wages and other payments connected with payment of labor organization in the form of cash," and Your employees will be able to take full advantage of the program.

What are the advantages of "PRAVEX-RECORD for the payment of salaries in foreign currency" from PRAVEX-Bank:

  1. Free opening of a current account in US dollars and euros,
  2. Free cash withdrawals in USD or Euro accounts,
  3. the Commission for the replenishment of 0.6% at the time of crediting funds to the account
  4. Weekly interest on the balance in the account
  5. Registration of Bank's power of attorney to the current account.

How to use the program "Salary currency" a private person:

  1. Contact the Bank branch,
  2. to Give the passport of citizen of Ukraine, individual tax number, seaman's book (if available) and / or a contract with a non-resident.
  3. Call us on the telephone reference service of the Bank: (044) 201-16-61 (Kyiv), 0 800 500 450 (free of charge in Ukraine from fixed phones).

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