Innovation for the IT market: PRAVEX BANK accelerates remittances from abroad with service pack FAMIGLIA IT


PRAVEX BANK has introduced an absolutely innovative service for non-resident companies. First of all IT companies will be able to transfer monetary funds to the transit account opened in the Bank for further distribution to the accounts of independent contractors. 

that Is no longer need to implement a significant number of transfers of foreign currency funds via the SWIFT system for each contractor-FLP -now you need to take one SWIFT for all Fopow!

the perfection of the process and present solutions already evaluated the management of IT-companies and IT-specialists:

1. IT-resident companies to optimize costs when you transfer foreign currency funds to pay for work done and services rendered in the currency of the contractors.

2. IT staff has significantly reduced the time of receipt of payment.

moreover, when the operation of translation  to the transit account, the transfer, sale of foreign currency and credited to the appropriate account company and contractors are not bear no cost. Saving time and money is obvious!

Package FAMIGLIA IT is  for extra comfort for clients of PRAVEX Bank.

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