Fitch Ratings has affirmed the ratings of PRAVEX Bank at B with a positive Outlook


on 12 February 2020, a leading international rating Agency Fitch Ratings  affirms ratings of PRAVEX Bank, including long-term default rating in foreign currency at level "B"  long-term Issuer default rating in national currency at "b+" with  a positive Outlook and support rating at 4.

Confirmation of 'positive' long-term Issuer default rating in foreign currency for PRAVEX Bank is a Testament to sustainable development,  stable functioning of the Bank, the availability of sufficient liquidity and robust Bank support with  foreign shareholder, which is an international banking group Intesa Sanpaolo.

Pro Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings is one of the three leading rating agencies. Included in the group of companies Fitch Group. The Agency evaluates the credit rating of borrowers in more than 150 countries, according to a standardized scale, carries out research and analysis on commercial and government organizations.

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For reference:

PRAVEX BANK is  Intesa Sanpaolo   (Intesa Sanpaolo)leading Bank  groups in the Euro area, which is  the leader  in Italy in all business areas  (retail, corporate and management  assets) and is present worldwide. 

PRAVEX BANK operates on the market since 1992 and serves Ukrainian clients for 27 years. The Bank provides a full range of   banking services retail, corporate and institutional clients. 

Intesa Sanpaolo provides services to 11.8 million customers through a network of over 3,800  branches  in Italy with a market share of below 12% in most Italian   regions. The group has a strategic international presence, which  has  about 1 000 offices and 7.2 million  customers  including affiliated  companies that operate  in  commercial  banking in 12 countries in Central  Eastern Europe and the Middle East and North Africa, and  international  network   professionals  to support corporate customers in 25 countries in particular in the middle East and North Africa and in those areas where the  active Italian company.

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