19 Aug 2020, Mastercard will no longer provide access services in the old business lounge Mastercard lounge (UIA) at the airport Borispol, terminal D international departures


Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that from August 19, 2020 Mastercard will terminate the service of access to the old business hall Mastercard lounge (UIA) at Boryspil Airport, Terminal D, international departures.

We remind you that the new Atmosfera Fly Mastercard lounge continues its work and is available for Platinum, World Black Edition, World Elite cards subject to a turnover of UAH 6 000 30 + 5 days before departure and Corporate without checking the turnover. The new Atmosfera Fly Mastercard lounge is located on the 3rd floor, at Boryspil Airport, Terminal D, international departures, next to the UIA Business Hall, a passage diagram and a photo of the new signs are attached below.

Features of the business hall:

  • The area is over 750 square meters, which provides comfortable accommodation for up to 200 people.
  • 3 hot meals prepared in your own kitchen, taking into account all sanitary requirements.
  • Wide selection of soft and alcoholic drinks, including prosecco.
  • Special Flat-bed armchairs with panoramic views of the runway.
  • Automatic turnstiles for access, which provide minimal contact with the staff of the business hall.

You can check the availability of services in the Facebook messenger bot @MastercardUkraine or by contacting the Mastercard Concierge

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