PRAVEX ONLINE for individuals and entrepreneurs


The following functions are accessible for the user in application and Web-version of PRAVEX ONLINE:

  • Activation of the card
  • Templates of payments
  • Payments according to payments reference details
  • Replenishment of a mobile account
  • Entering with identification by a fingerprint
  • Purchase and sale of currency
  • Archives of performed transactions
  • Forming of the loan repayment schedule
  • Setting and changing of the PIN-code under the card
  • Forming of a statement under cards / accounts
  • Connection of the card to Google and Apple Pay
  • Technology of transactions confirmation 3DS 2.0
  • Full card number and CVV in mob app
  • Regular payments – automatic payments of invoices
  • Possibility to change settings (login, password, language of the application)
  • Scanning of the card of the beneficiary while making transfers from a card to another card
  • Contact information of the Bank, of concierge service, of insurance companies
  • Saving of cards of other banks and their use while making transfers and р2р
  • Transfers from a card to another card (between own cards and cards of other banks)
  • Review of information under deposits, loans, current accounts and cards
  • Conversion between cards (from a card in UAH to a card in USD /EUR and reverse transactions)
  • Saving account for the main and additional card
  • Transactions history for saving accounts and card;

Accessibility of PRAVEX ONLINE for individual entrepreneurs with the following functionality:

  • STP function
  • Sale of currency
  • Current statement
  • Loan repayment schedule
  • Available 2603 accounts for viewing
  • Review of information under current accounts
  • Review of information under credit accounts
  • Review of information under deposit accounts
  • Review of information under corporate cards
  • Forming/rewiev/printing out of statements under deposit accounts

Clients registered in the system automatically receive a Passive access that includes only review of information under accounts and forming of statements under accounts and schedules. To receive an Active access allowing to carry out transfers and payments in the system, it is necessary to address any branch of PRAVEX BANK to sign an agreement for connection to Internet –banking service for individuals.

For the first entering in PRAVEX ONLINE system, it is necessary to pass a simple registration according to the Instruction on Work with PRAVEX ONLINE System and to familiarize oneself with the RULES for servicing of individuals in the System (Section “Servicing of Individuals in “PRAVEX ONLINE” System and Provision of the Service “Internet-Banking for Individuals”).

Money transfers on payment details shall be made according to the regulations for making payments, namely on business days of the Bank:

• Internal money transfers within "PRAVEX BANK" JSC until 11:45 p.m.

• External money transfers outside the Bank until 10:10 p.m.