The National Bank of Ukraine introduces a simplified system of granting of individual licenses approved by the NBU Board Resolution No. 54 of 15 June 2017 “On amendments to some regulatory legal acts of the National Bank of Ukraine”.

From now on, Ukrainians will be able to transfer currency abroad on the basis of electronic individual licenses.

national  Bank of Ukraine introduces the results Ukrainians valutnix licenses in electronic form. individuals (except for entrepreneurs) will be able to obtain individual electronic license (e-license) for the transfer of foreign currency abroad for the implementation of certain currency transactions for authorized banks. The base e-license natural person can within one year to transfer foreign currency abroad on  a total amount of up to 50 000 USD (equivalent).

to Use the e-license within the established limit individuals will be able for the implementation of 3 types of foreign exchange transactions

To provide e-licensing and collect information on the use of fixed limit national  the Bank is implementing an automated information system “the Register of individual  licenses for individuals foreign exchange operations” (AIS).

to obtain an e-license, the individual should contact any authorized Bank in which she has an open account and submit the following documents (in paper or electronic form):

In turn, authorized Bank, subject to compliance with the submitted applicant information, sends to the national Bank a request in the electronic form by means of AIS to issue to that person an e-license. On the basis of such request of the national Bank automatically issues to the individual e-license by making an account in AIS, the Bank shall notify the client.

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