PRAVEX BANK back on the loan market


PRAVEX BANK returns to the auto loan market and has already issued in December 2017 loan in the amount of 1 million UAH. the standard of credit.

PRAVEX BANK offers loans on more than 30 popular brands of cars of foreign production. Feel the benefits really attractive offers on car loans for individuals and sole traders in the IT sector, health care and notaries:

  • 15.99% APR,
  • up to 5 years
  • a Deposit of 30%
  • minimum loan amount of 100 thousand UAH. up to 1 mln.
  • monthly and one-time fee no
  • hull at competitive rates
  • the average loan payment is just 400 UAH. day.

the Deadline of the application is minimal. The decision on granting of loan is accepted within one working day and is valid for 3 months, which gives customers the opportunity to choose the car of your dreams after consideration of the credit application.

"We nabludatelGamo the growth of interest in car loans from the population and expect the growth of demand in the loan market 10%So we try Optimwiththe principle should be applied  to offer a more favorable car loan program", says Mr. Babayev, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Director of retail business Department of the main Department of business PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK".

you can Apply in Bank branches or any authorized dealer or through the Bank's website

Information  for reference:

the secure "PRAVEX-BANK" is  part of a banking group Intesa Sanpaolo (Intesa Sanpaolo)  which is among the leading banking groups  in the Eurozone and is a leader in all areas of business in Italy.

PJSCCB "PRAVEX-BANK" always   improving its operations, and improves the standards for the provision of banking services and  becomes  the best for its customers and partners.

Intesa Sanpaolo comes with  one of the largest banking groups in the Euro area and is a leader in all areas of  business in Italy: retail  and corporate management of private  capital. In Italy, the Group serves  12.6 million customers through a network of  of 4800 distributed across the country  offices, its market share is  not less than 12% in most regions,  Italy. 

Intesa Sanpaolo  presented in the countries of Central and Eastern  Europe, and in countries with  the Middle East and North Africa, approximately 1,100  offices and 7.6  million customers, which relate to subsidiaries  Group  carry out commercial banking in 12 countries. In addition,   international network of professionals to support corporate clients  presented in 26  countries, in particular in the middle East, North Africa  and in areas where  Italian companies are most  activity.

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