Go higher - feel more!


To get a chance to fly a hot air balloon during Atlas Weekend 2021 festival, you just need to do the following:

  • register on the website bilshe.mastercard.ua, if you have not done so yet;
  • pay with Mastercard® card in the amount of UAH 500 and more on the day when you would like to fly a hot air balloon;
  • come to the area where there is a hot air balloon.

One receipt gives a chance to fly a hot air balloon to 1 person once a day of the festival.


The promotion is available for all holders of Mastercard® from PRAVEX BANK, subject to registration of the card on the website bilshe.mastercard.ua, from 05.07.2021 to 11.07.2021. The promotion is available at the following address: the territory of Atlas Weekend 2021 festival, Akademika Hlushkova Ave., 1, Kyiv.

For further details, see mastercard.ua

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