About system

PRAVEXBANKBIZ system allows:

  • managing the bank accounts in national and foreign currencies from anywhere in the world where the Internet system can be accessed from the desktop computer or smartphone/tablet;
  • operating hours from 09:00 to 17:00;postoperative time: from 17:00 to 22:10 - for external payments; from 17:00 to 23:45 - for internal payments;
  • sending payment  orders in foreign currency, applications for purchase of foreign currency or  free sale of foreign currency; 
  • receiving information on the balances and flow of funds on the accounts, including with the help of SMS or e-mail;
  • receiving information on the active deposits and loans;
  • receiving, printing and saving in a file the statements of accounts in national and foreign currencies for any period since the date of connection to the system;
  • regularly receiving accompanying financial information including foreign currency exchange rates, the NBU letters and etc.;
  • exchanging informative letters with the bank;
  • setting up the individual limits and rights of account management;
  • importing / exporting information into Your accounting system;
  • supporting complex schemes of servicing large companies with the help of the “Financial control center” service;
  • by the use of the banking module «Corporate Auto-client» ensure integrate the client’s accounting software with the bank server;
  • use module "1C: Enterprise" to access the system directly from the program interface of "1C:Accounting 8 for Ukraine".
  • view corporate card information.

Hardware requirements:

  • Installed Web browser on the client’s computer:
  • - Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 and higher;
  • - Mozilla Firefox 52.0 and higher;
  • - Opera 38.0 and higher;
  • - Safari 6.0 and higher;
  • - Google Chrome 45.0 and higher.
  • - Operating system Windows, *nix or Mac.
  • Installed EDS plugin used for logging in and signing documents with EDS key.
  • Access to the Internet network (speed – at least 1 Мb/s).
  • Available USB port for the Flash drive used for EDS keys storage.

In order to start working in the system it is necessary: 

  • To sign the questionnaire-application for connection to the PRAVEXBANK BIZ system at the servicing branch
  • To receive EDS in accredited key certification center (AKCC) or in the key certification center (KCC) of the Bank for each employee of the Client planning to work in the system
  • To pass the procedure of registration of a new Client and of its authorized employees in the system with EDS key importing.

Requirement to EDS keys:

The work in the "PRAVEXBANK BIZ" system can be performed with the use of EDS keys generated by the KCC of "PRAVEX BANK" JSC or by one of the following accredited key certification center (AKCC):
•SFS Information and Reference Department;
•Limited Liability Company "ART-MASTER" (AKCC "MASTERKEY");
•Limited Liability Company "Key certification center "Ukraine";

"Smartphone-banking" service - gives the Client the opportunity to manage current accounts with the help of the PRAVEXBANK BIZ mobile application, which the Client independently downloads and installs on his mobile device.

Registration in the mobile application consists of two stages:

  1. Pre-registration of a corporate client employee in the application. As a result, an account is created to work in the mobile application "PRAVEXBANK BIZ".
  2. Final registration by customer service. As a result, the customer support officer attaches the mobile device to the appropriate corporate customer and activates the device.

Customer technical support service (from 9:00 to 24:00 on weekdays):
(044) 521 0270;
0 800 500 450 (menu item "5"),
+38 067 323 70 04 - viber (only in correspondence mode)
e-mail: ikb-help@pravex.ua

Already registered clients shall use section “Start work”. 

In order to register new Clients (legal entities and individual  entrepreneurs) it is necessary to use section “Registration of new client”. 

In order to register a new employee of the Client or a new EDS key (if the earlier  registered EDS key was compromised, stolen, blocked or expired) it is necessary  to use section “Registration of new key”.