Encashment and transportation of valuables

PRAVEX BANK offers clients the following services:

  • Collection of cash proceeds with the possibility of crediting it to the client's account in PRAVEX BANK.
  • Encashment of trade proceeds with the subsequent transfer and crediting in non-cash form to the current account of the client in the Bank in which this client is served (the presence of a current account in PRAVEX BANK is not required).
  • Delivery of cash and securities at the request of customers.
  • Encashment and transportation of valuable cargoes for counterparty banks, as well as reinforcement of cash of your bank's cash desk from PRAVEX BANK's cash desk within 2 hours after receipt of non-cash funds.
  • Processing, transfer and packing of cash according to the rules established by NBU.

PRAVEX BANK has an extensive network of branches, each of which can offer customers a specially equipped individual safe for storing cash and other valuables for property rent.
Confidentiality, individual approach and reliability of collection services are guaranteed by highly qualified staff of the Bank.
We hope that you are interested in our offer and our cooperation will be fruitful and mutually beneficial.

We guarantee:

  • development of the schedule of encashment convenient for you and its strict observance, possibility of adjustment of time of departure of the encashment car;
  • provision of special vehicles, encashmenter and armed guards for transportation of valuable cargo of the Bank's legal client;
  • crediting funds to your current account on the same banking day if the money is encashmented in the morning and on the next banking day if the collection takes place in the evening;
  • free provision of special encashment bags;
  • individual development of tariffs.

Contact phone: 0 44 521 02 39.
The list of documents for registration of service: