Opening and servicing the accounts

Dear Clients! 

After opening the current account in our Bank, settlements under your account may be performed on the day of submitting a payment document, in operational* and post-operational time. Transactions are performed within the balance on the account at the beginning of operational day. If necessary, the Bank may perform transactions on your account at the expense of current cash and non-cash receipts.

You may open accounts in national and foreign currencies, as well as in banking metals.

The modern remote account management system PRAVEXBANK BIZ allows to promptly receive information on the account status, reduces the time of making settlements, provides possibility to make payments in national currency without visiting the bank.

System technologies allow sending electronic payment documents to the Bank for storage in case of partial or full absence of funds on the account. The Bank assumes the function of your financial intermediary by making payments when funds are received to the account.

PRAVEX BANK offers the service of making payments without your participation. If you systematically transfer funds to the same recipient, you can conclude the relevant agreement with the Bank.

According to terms of the agreement the Bank assumes the responsibility to transfer funds from your account using the relevant bank details. The Bank transfers funds within amounts and terms indicated in the agreement. Transfer is performed both within PRAVEX BANK system and to any other bank of Ukraine.

The main advantage of the service is that in order to transfer funds there is no need to visit the Bank, to make payment documents and to track payment terms. 

It will be convenient to use the service if:

It allows you to:

* Operational hours – part of  operational day of the Bank or other institution – participant of payment  system, during which transfer and withdrawal documents, which shall be  processed, transferred and executed by the bank during the same working day,  are accepted. 

PRAVEX BANK has the following rules for processing payments in national currency:

for settlement documents on paper:

when being serviced by electronic banking system:

In order to open the account the client shall provide to the Bank the initial package of documents according to requirements of the NBU (“Instruction on the Procedure for Opening, Using, Closing of Accounts in National and Foreign Currencies” approved by Resolution of Management Board of the NBU dd. 12.11.03 No. 492). The documents for opening the accounts shall be personally submitted to the Bank by persons who have the right of first and second signature.

PRAVEX BANK is one of the leaders on the banking services market. The Bank’s work is focused on satisfaction of clients’ needs.  

We offer opening of accounts under the following tariff packages: 






You have the possibility to connect to servicing under the new tariff package “Econom”, “Standard”, “Lux” and “Bezlimitnij” by paying charges for connection in the amount of UAH 200.

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