List of encashment services

  • PRAVEX BANK offers the following services to clients: 
  • Encashment of money proceeds with possibility of crediting thereof to the client’s account in PRAVEX BANK.
  • Encashment of sales revenue with the following transferring and crediting in a non-cash form to the transactional account of the client in the Bank in which respective client is being serviced (availability of transactional account in PRAVEX BANK is not required). 
  • Delivery of cash funds and securities according to the clients’ applications.
  • Encashment and transportation of valuable cargoes for counterparty banks as well as cash replenishment of the cash desk of Your bank from PRAVEX BANK’s cash desk within 2 hours after receipt of non-cash funds.
  • Processing, recounting and packaging of cash according to the rules established by the NBU.

PRAVEX BANK has a large network of branches, with every one of them being able to offer for property lease a specially equipped individual safety deposit box to the clients for safekeeping cash and other valuables.

Highly qualified staff of the Bank guarantees You confidentiality, individual approach and reliability of encashment services.

We hope that our offer interests You, and our cooperation would be fruitful and mutually advantageous.

Contact number: 0 44 521-02-39