Collection and transportation of valuables for banks

Dear Clients, PRAVEX BANK provides banks with the following services:

Encashment and transfer of valuable cargoes for counterparty banks, as well as replenishment of cash to cash desk office of your bank from cash desk office of PRAVEX BANK within two hours after receiving non-cash funds.

Interbank transfers.

Encashment of branches of banking institutions on request.

Transfer of cash surplus amounts from operational cash desk offices of banking institutions to cash desk office of the NBU.

Encashment of ATMs and self-service machines.

We guarantee:

encashment schedule convenient for you and its strict observance with possible adjustment of the arrival time of cash-in-transit vehicle;

provision of special armored vehicles, collector and armed guards for the transportation of currency values;

free provision of special collection bags;

strict observance of the confidentiality regarding the transported values.

We  hope that our offer is interesting to you, and our cooperation will be fruitful  and mutually beneficial.

Contact number: 0 (44) 521-02-39