TAX FREE service

Dear clients!
In order to ensure preventive measures regarding containing coronavirus COVID-19, tax-free receipts issued in countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus disease are accepted for refund only after termination of two weeks term after the moment of crossing the border! We apologize for temporary inconveniences and hope for year comprehension 

Return to your budget up to 20% of cost of purchases made abroad with use of Tax Free service! PRAVEX BANK is a partner of GLOBAL BLUE company in Ukraine and provides to clients a service of refunding amount of VAT for purchases made abroad. GLOBAL BLUE is the largest company providing Tax Free service, refund of the value-added tax when performing purchases abroad. This allows tourists to make purchases with big pleasure and to save substantial funds.

 By using the program, you may receive back up to 20 % of the cost of purchases depending on the VAT rate set in the country, where a receipt was issued, as well as on the amount of expenses of GLOBAL BLUE system for processing receipts.