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PRAVEX BANK – Bank group  Intesa Sanpaolo offers cooperation to all partners, who have the desire and capacity to inform potential customers about banking products and services. AFFILIATE PROGRAM from PRAVEX Bank is the ability to receive compensation for selling Bank products and services.

the Bank's Partner can be any individual, a physical person – the businessman or legal entity that has the ability to inform potential customers about Bank products. Exceptions are Bank employees and relatives of employees of the Bank of the first and second level

Active informing and attracting potential customers for Bank's products

Obtaining the consent of the client on the design of the product and the customer contact employee of the Bank

Heading to the Bank via some form of information and documents for the client:

Preparation and submission to the Bank of acts of the performed works on sold products.

  • European personal loan
  • Mortgage
  • Equity loan

in order to apply for registration partner, you need to fill in brief information on the site in the box "to Be a partner of the Bank” and attach the documents according to the list specified above. Then You star’autisa the Bank's responsible employee and discuss details. The next stage – is the signing of the cooperation agreement and directing clients to the Bank for defining products

1. For individuals and individuals-entrepreneurs:

  • the partner Questionnaire
  • Passport
  • Tax code
  • Bank account details

2. For legal entities:

  • the partner Questionnaire
  • Registration documents
  • the Document confirming powers of officials
  • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine and tax code of the official who will sign the contract
  • Bank account details

To apply on the sale of product to a customer, you need to fill in the tab “Apply for the product” and attach the documents (if any). Minimum package of documents:

  • consent to the processing of personal data
  • proof of income for 6 months (FLP income Declaration for the last year)
  • Passport INN
  • The amount of the fee depends on the product issued by the client, sent to the Bank by the partner, and will be determined by partnership agreement between the Bank and the Partner
  • Commission is paid only for new customers to the Bank
  • No later than the 4th day of the month following the reporting month, the Partner draws up a statement of services provided, which is submitted electronically for approval to the Bank.
  • The result of the provided services is the issuance by the Bank of a loan to the Client, which was informed by the Partner, in the reporting month
  • Payment for services provided is made within 30 banking days from the date of provision of the original, signed by the Parties to the Act of services provided