How to get a refund?

How to receive refund of funds

  1. Make a purchase in a shop which is a part of a GLOBAL BLUE system. Usually corresponding indication is made with the use of Tax Free Shopping sign on the entrance door. Have issued Tax Free receipt that should be added to the sales receipts by the employee of the shop responsible for servicing clients under GLOBAL BLUE system.     
  2. Present all Tax Free receipts at the customs. Customs’ employee shall put a seal confirming crossing of the border.
  3. Be aware of that while doing this you will be asked to show the purchase and present a tourist visa.
  4. After returning to Ukraine, visit the branch of PRAVEX BANK (we  recommend, prior to visiting a branch, to call contact number of respective branch  below to receive preliminary advice and make an appointment for a convenient  time of visiting) and present the following documents:
  • tax free receipt; 
  • a document certifying the identity of a person and passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, and for non-residents – a document certifying the identity of a person;
  • cash desk receipt / shop’s invoicefrom the shop, where the purchase was made.

The amount of tax refund under Tax Free receipts by Global Blue company will be paid in cash in UAH according to EUR commercial exchange rate in PRAVEX BANK on the date of performing transaction or transferred to the payment card *.

If issuing of Tax Free receipt does not comply with the rules of Global Blue company, as well as if the amount of refund under one receipt exceeds a threshold limit established by Global Blue company, then a scanned copy of receipt shall be sent by the Bank’s employee to the authorization center of Global Blue company which shall provide during 1-2 days a confirmation or refusal to pay refund.

* Refund of funds shall be made by Global Blue company to the cards of payment systems Visa International, MasterCard International and American Express within the period from 10 to 15 working days. 

You can also find additional information on the service of payments under Tax Free receipts You can also find out on GLOBAL BLUE company website: