Pravex Loyalnyi

Deposit "Pravex Loyalnyi"

PRAVEX BANK offers you Pravex Loyalnyi deposit with a monthly growing interest rate. Grow your funds depositing in a trusted bank with almost 500 years of history!

1 month. 3,5%

2 month. 4%

3 month. 4,5% 

4 month. 5%

5 month. 5,5%

6 month. 6,5%


  1. The clients must be aware of untimely requests to the bank on their active deposit return. If the current/card account is expired or closed and the deposit money or the yield can not be transferred on it in accordance with the terms in the Application Form, the total amount of the deposit and the yield shall be transferred by the bank to the deposit account on demand with no client’s consent and/or the additional agreements/contracts.
  2. The pre-term return of a bank deposit, which is return of the deposit before the date of return specified in the Application Form, is considered early return and is carried out on the basis of the Application for Early Return of Deposit submitted to the branch of the bank issued the Application Form. If the date of early return of the deposit falls on a holiday, weekend or non-working day, the bank fulfils its obligations to return the deposit and the yield on the next first business day (considering the duration of the transaction day) of the bank. The yield shall be paid on the date preceding the date of early return of the deposit. In the case of early return of the deposit (All types of deposit the terms of which provide for the Client's right to early demand deposit) the yield shall be paid before the day that turns the day of return deposited before early return of the deposit (deposit) for this deposit product  effective on the date of attachment or extension of the Application Form.
  3. The Bank is prohibited from offering the Client to purchase any products or services from the bank or a related person as a mandatory condition for the provision of these services (except for the provision of a package of banking services);
  4. The Bank shall not have the right to make changes to the contracts signed with clients unilaterally, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the law;

5. The client may reject to receive advertising letters via online channels.


Accrued interest: